Pumping stations in Homel, Zaschebie, Turov, Pinsk and Kobrin by Gomeltransneft Druzhba; LPS Gorki by Polotsktransneft Druzhba

These main pumping stations have a similar infrastructure and complexity. Highest security level has been provided on site by Escort engineers. Typical pump station contain of 3 fire panels and 1 LCD combined into a single fiber-optic communication network which provides data transmission of particular a message (fire alarm status, control signals, etc.). Workstation based on a software Siemens Danger Management System MM8000 allows operators to monitor online situation on site. Total capacity of such pump station is up to 250 detectors and up to 280 control channels. All pump stations contain of automated access control system, fire alarm system and voice notification system.
Pumping stations in Homel and Pinsk equipped with a security alarm system and perimeter CCTV. Same systems have been designed for other pump stations. At the moment IP cameras mounting works are in progress and the whole plant will be connected into a single network.