Gomeltransneft Druzhba

LPDS Mozyr is a huge hub of oil pumping stations that serves the Belarusian oil pipeline Druzhba. Part of the output product goes to the Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and another part goes to the Mozyr Oil Refinery. The area of the plant is about 300 hectares and perimeter is more than 3500 meters. We have designed, mounted and commissioned sophisticated integrated automation systems that provide a high level of fire security, CCTV and access control.
fire automation system includes 16 Siemens AlgoRex stations that controlled by two workstations that running Siemens Danger Management System MM8000.
The overall system capacity is 1593 detectors and 1368 control channels.
Perimeter monitoring carried out by cooperation of security alarm detectors and video cameras by NIKIRET, Russia. Total number of perimeter cameras is 58. In case of detector activation the affected camera turns on automatically and starts to record. 
6 dome cameras on 20 meters’ high sticks complete the perimeter CCTV system.
9 explosion-proof cameras secure the pump stations.
CVS-NT software controls 73 cameras on a site within 2 video servers and 5 client stations allow operators to watch live video or analyze archive records.
Access control system contains of automated checkpoint, main gate, and access to other important objects on a site. Total number of controlled doors is 40.